Let’s get down to business

It has started, we are officially all in finals time.

It comes with a few house keeping rules, and the main one being the NHA provides ground marshals for finals games.
Thus, the only people that can be in the dugouts are players, managers and coaches of the team playing, as well as officials.

There is going to be a lot of great hockey this week, so try and get down to support your fellow emus.
Also, fun fact, the collective noun for emus is a mob, so feel free to mob your fellow emus with much support.

There is still time to vote for players for trophies.
The polls close on Wednesday night.
If you missed your chance, you can always try and sway me to briefly reopen them at the Committee Meeting on Wednesday night. (7pm at Kingswood Sports Club)
I will only accept in person pleas.

These trophies will be handed out at Seniors Presentation night which is the 23rd of September at 5.30. Well, presentation starts at 5.30. Not the actual handing out of trophies.

Junior presentation is the 17th of September starting at 11am.

Big shout out to Bec Howard and Jess Quinn for winning player of the month for 2nd Grade and B Grade Blue, respectively.
Who join Caitlynn Horne, Liam Buckley, Mel Lambeth and Luke Doyle as all the winners of Player of the Month.
Big thanks to Kingswood Sports Club for providing the $20 Voucher to the club.
And a big shout out to everyone that voted.

Even though we are closing in on the end of hockey season.
There is still more hockey, there is the October Long Weekend comp, Summer Comp and Indoor.
If you are interested in more information or playing in these, please speak to Chris, Sandy or myself.

There is lots happening, if you need to know more or feel I should know and want to tell me things, just let me know!