October Long Weekend and Summer Comp Important Information

Hi Everyone,

We have received communication from the Turf Committee that there will be a delay with the new Water Field being completed. This delay has an impact on both the October Long Weekend and the Summer Competition. Please see below for information on each of these competitions.

October Long Weekend

The carnival will proceed as planned over the 29th and 30th of September. The competition structure will change slightly.

The games will be 28 minute games with a 2 minute break between the games. No half time for the games.
Over the 2 days there will be a minimum of 7-8 games per team.
Games will start at 9am Saturday morning with the last game finishing at 7pm on Saturday night. Games will start at 9am Sunday with the last game finishing at 3pm Sunday (this might change slightly depending on team entries). The competition will see the first and second placed teams play in a Grand Final at the end of Sunday. We have extended the Saturday rather than the Sunday as the NRL grand final is on the Sunday. and we recognise a number of people wish to attend/watch this game
There will be canteen and BBQ facilities on the day.
If the team nominations exceed 9 we may need to play some games on the Monday.
As there is no reduction in the playing time, the entry fee has been kept the same.
For any questions, concerns or to lodge team nominations please send to [email protected]

Summer Competition

The start date of summer comp has been pushed back to the 18th of October.
The competition will be a first past the post competition with the highest placed team winning each division.
As all teams will play the weeks at the end of the season as opposed to a finals series, the cost will remain the same for now. If there are any further changes we will reevaluate the cost and make changes as necessary.
As we have a bit more time, team nominations will remain open until the 5th of October.
There will be canteen facilities for drinks available for summer comp
For any questions, concerns or to lodge team nominations please send to [email protected]

We appreciate your consideration and patience whist we work through the delays.

Kind Regards

Chris Eagleton