Something Missing?

Hi Everyone. Its that time of year again.

Your over family events and days that are just too hot.

Your thinking, im missing something in my life. It’s something you can’t quite put your finger on.

It’s the thrill of open fields, running at full pace (or your version of full pace), hitting a clean crisp shot or having a laugh with friends.

Well long no more amigo. We are on our way back. And in typical Emu Plains style with all the added flair you can handle (or can’t).

Important things need deciding first. Things of a general nature that need deciding annually. So it seems fit to hold our Annual General Meeting.

Lock it in guys and girls. 28th Feb 2017. 7pm at Kingswood Sports Club.

Major things we need for the agm are.

  • a brand spanking new treasurer. Have a chat with Chris or Sandy if your keen as the role is leas onerous than in the past.
  • a publicity officer to help look after facebook and the website.
  • a social officer to help with setting up social events with Kingswood Sports club.

All other roles will also be open if you are interested in another role.

We really want to build on the momentum of the last few years. It is pleasing to see the year on year growth of our club and we are all working hard for a massive 2017.

See you all at the AGM.