The Week Ahead

For the first time in a while, we have all of our senior teams playing in finals this weekend and that is super exciting news.
It is so exciting times.
Which is a super smooth segue into the times of this weekend’s hockey!

10am- 3rd Grade vs Richmond
1pm- 2nd Grade vs Richmond
5.30pm- 1st Grade vs Panthers

11.30- A Grade
1pm- B Grade Red
4pm- B Grade Blue

Following the B Grade Blue Game there will be drinks at Kingswood Sports Club.
My aim is to be all celebratory drinks, but on the off chance it isn’t, there will be commissary drinks available too.

If 1st Grade and B Grade Blue win, it will be straight through to the Grand Final.
The other games are do or die, and supporters are always welcome at any of the games.

A note to the managers- Cards need to be in 30 minutes before the game.
All ground marshals will be provided by the NHA, and only officials, players, coaches and managers will be allowed in the dugout.

There will be no leeway in timing of games, so warmups may be taking place on the sand field, depending on the time.
So please take a moment to emotionally prepare for some time on the sand field.

After this week’s finals, we have next week’s training.
Now, sadly this will be the last week for training for juniors.
But to try and tone down the sadness, it will be a super mad fun party time. (Is that what the kids are saying these days?)
If you wanna dress up, that’s cool
If you wanna have lots of fun, that’s cool too
I believe there will be other cool stuff there too. I’m not sure what because I’m just not hip enough to be in with the kids.
All I know is Next Tuesday’s training will be mad party fun.

Seniors training is also on.

More details on presentations will be forthcoming.

See you at the hockey fields!