Superhero Training

This week is International Hockey Week.

and one should always celebrate International Hockey Week with hockey.

And one should always include training with their hockey.
Thus, this weekend, it will be some heroic training.
See the flyer for more details.
Hockey Australia are running a hashtag competition thing on some kind of social media that is the 100 yard challenge.
It’s important to remember that a hockey field is a 100 yards, so that could be a clue to what is happening.
It is getting the ball from the baseline to the opposing goal in the quickest time possible.
The full field hit?
The pass and run in?
One and twos all down the field?

That is up to you.
We are going for speed. We are going for accuracy. We are going for team work.

Get out those thinking caps, brush off those skills and work out how you’ll go the full 100 yards and into the goal.

Entries will be filmed and put onto the Instagram page with the #100yardchallenge, to complete the challenge part.

It is the fastest time that wins the prize, but the good hockey people of the world love some creativity.


Trivia Tonight!

Tonight’s the night to test your knowledge, its TRIVIA NIGHT !! If you missed out on a table we do have spots left on other people’s tables but they are limited so be quick just contact our social engagement coordinator Kate at [email protected] or on 0412428283. Also we can not bring our own food to tonight’s event.

This Week in Hockey

Hi team,

In a truly tragic turn of events, with this week’s public holiday there are no games this week.

and in light of there being no games this weekend, there is no training tomorrow night.

No one is more upset by this then me.

But if you find yourself needing more hockey, then I have a solution for you!
This weekend there is Opens!
Womens Opens is being played at Moorebank and Mens Opens are being played at Narallen.

There are many Emu players that will be representing Nepean in those.
Mens Open Nepean 2 in particular will see a lot of regular faces there. The men’s draw and women’s Draw are available for download, if you need your hockey fix.

Other things I’ve attached, include the flyer for the upcoming under 13s carnival happening on the 18th of June.
Perfect time for some juniors to work on their hockey skills.

Don’t forget, that the trivia night is coming up on the 17th and tables are booking fast!
So, book your table!
You don’t even have to organise a table, just book it, let the people come to you.

In other fundraising news, selling chocolates is half the battle. The other battle is returning the money to Lanie.
If you still have chocolate left over, just bring them down to the fields, let the club take some of that chocolate off your hands.
Team work is an important part of any hockey club, and as is chocolate. Let both of these combine in perfect harmony. Delicious, delicious harmony.