A Big Week in Hockey

We just had an absolutely huge weekend of some great hockey.
Congratulations to 3rd Grade and B Grade Red for the wins.
B Grade Blue lost in a tough 2-1 defeat to Kings Langley in the wind and rain, but live to fight another week this weekend.
In a similar tale, 1st Grade lost to Panthers in a tough battle in the cold on Saturday night, but will play for a spot in the grand final this week.

2nd grade had a tough 0-0 all draw with Richmond that went to double extra time, and Richmond went through on points.
A Grade had a loss 2-0 to Rooty Hill.
Sadly, that is the end of A Grade and 2nd Grade’s season, but just a great effort.
Well done guys!
You are all winners in our Emu Hearts.

This brings us to this weekend.

This week is all party, party, party with the Juniors.

We’ve got last training of the year for juniors, and it is going to be a dress up night.
All the fun of hockey training, with all the fun of dressing up.
It’s going to be amazing

Then we have our Baby Emus battling it out in the Grand Final.
There is a presentation for everyone, even if they didn’t make the Grand Final, as well as a DJ and a meal from the canteen.
Times might change, if games go into extra time, but the planned timetable is available for download.

For Seniors, this week is finals and playing for a spot in the Grand Final.
Come down and support for some amazing hockey.

11.30am- 3rd Grade vs Rooty Hill
2.30pm- 1st Grade vs Penrith RSL

Sunday is going to an absolute cracker of a game, when B Grade Red take on B Grade Blue.
We aren’t quite sure of the time on this one, so keep an eye out for times.

Since B Grade Blue ended up higher on the ladder, it means B Grade Red will be in the alternate strip of white shirts and white socks.

The upside is regardless of the outcome, Emu Plains will have one side in the grade final.


The Week Ahead

For the first time in a while, we have all of our senior teams playing in finals this weekend and that is super exciting news.
It is so exciting times.
Which is a super smooth segue into the times of this weekend’s hockey!

10am- 3rd Grade vs Richmond
1pm- 2nd Grade vs Richmond
5.30pm- 1st Grade vs Panthers

11.30- A Grade
1pm- B Grade Red
4pm- B Grade Blue

Following the B Grade Blue Game there will be drinks at Kingswood Sports Club.
My aim is to be all celebratory drinks, but on the off chance it isn’t, there will be commissary drinks available too.

If 1st Grade and B Grade Blue win, it will be straight through to the Grand Final.
The other games are do or die, and supporters are always welcome at any of the games.

A note to the managers- Cards need to be in 30 minutes before the game.
All ground marshals will be provided by the NHA, and only officials, players, coaches and managers will be allowed in the dugout.

There will be no leeway in timing of games, so warmups may be taking place on the sand field, depending on the time.
So please take a moment to emotionally prepare for some time on the sand field.

After this week’s finals, we have next week’s training.
Now, sadly this will be the last week for training for juniors.
But to try and tone down the sadness, it will be a super mad fun party time. (Is that what the kids are saying these days?)
If you wanna dress up, that’s cool
If you wanna have lots of fun, that’s cool too
I believe there will be other cool stuff there too. I’m not sure what because I’m just not hip enough to be in with the kids.
All I know is Next Tuesday’s training will be mad party fun.

Seniors training is also on.

More details on presentations will be forthcoming.

See you at the hockey fields!


Let’s get down to business

It has started, we are officially all in finals time.

It comes with a few house keeping rules, and the main one being the NHA provides ground marshals for finals games.
Thus, the only people that can be in the dugouts are players, managers and coaches of the team playing, as well as officials.

There is going to be a lot of great hockey this week, so try and get down to support your fellow emus.
Also, fun fact, the collective noun for emus is a mob, so feel free to mob your fellow emus with much support.

There is still time to vote for players for trophies.
The polls close on Wednesday night.
If you missed your chance, you can always try and sway me to briefly reopen them at the Committee Meeting on Wednesday night. (7pm at Kingswood Sports Club)
I will only accept in person pleas.

These trophies will be handed out at Seniors Presentation night which is the 23rd of September at 5.30. Well, presentation starts at 5.30. Not the actual handing out of trophies.

Junior presentation is the 17th of September starting at 11am.

Big shout out to Bec Howard and Jess Quinn for winning player of the month for 2nd Grade and B Grade Blue, respectively.
Who join Caitlynn Horne, Liam Buckley, Mel Lambeth and Luke Doyle as all the winners of Player of the Month.
Big thanks to Kingswood Sports Club for providing the $20 Voucher to the club.
And a big shout out to everyone that voted.

Even though we are closing in on the end of hockey season.
There is still more hockey, there is the October Long Weekend comp, Summer Comp and Indoor.
If you are interested in more information or playing in these, please speak to Chris, Sandy or myself.

There is lots happening, if you need to know more or feel I should know and want to tell me things, just let me know!


Presentation and other things to know

Hi team,

We are rapidly approaching the end of the season, with Juniors finals starting this week and seniors starting next week.

This means there are things lots of things happening. So many things happening.

First up we have the last socials of the year happening this weekend.
In fact we have two this week, one on Saturday and one on Sunday.

Saturday will be after the 3rd Grade game, which is at 2.30. So at the club around 4pm
This social will be where 2nd Grade vote for their recipient of the player of the month.

Sunday will be after the B Grade Red game, which is at 5.30, which means around Kingswood Sports Club around 7.
Conveniently, it is B Grade Red that will be voting for their player of the month.

Next Wednesday, it is committee meeting time. 7pm at Kingswood Sports Club.
If you have anything to add to the agenda, please let Chris or myself know.

Other upcoming dates include:
Juniors Grand Final day- 31st August and 1st of September
Seniors Grand Final day- 9th September

With the conclusion of the season, it means it is time for the presentation, and it is a date everyone needs to put in their diary now.

Junior presentation- 17th of September
Senior Presentation- 23rd of September.
More details to follow.
Both will be at Kingswood Sports Club

For Senior presentation, we are once again opening our hearts and minds to voting.

There was a midseason vote for Player’s Player.
This vote has the end of season vote for Players’ Player, as well as for Best and Fairest, Most Consistent and Most Improved. Links have been sent out via email – if you didn’t receive the email please let us know.

After winter season, we have summer comp and Indoor Hockey. See previous posts about these for more details.



Long Weekend Comp is Go!

In fantastic news it looks like the October long weekend event looks to be going ahead. Emu Plains is championing the event and we will be hoping to use it as an opportunity to fund raise to reduce fees next season. It will be on the Saturday and Sunday of the long weekend and cost will be circa $45 per person. There is no requirement to be registered through HNSW so even if you’ve never played before you can come on down to try it out for a weekend and see how you go.

Further information will be out soon but spots will be limited for the teams we put in so please make sure you get in fast and let us know you are keen. As we are running the event, we will also be looking for some volunteers so if you can help out for a little bit of time, please let us know.

Summer Comp 2017

Summer comp is back bigger and better than ever this season. We are looking forward to another year of fun social hockey to tide us over in the off season.

The basics:

  • Comp starts on Thursday 21st of September this year.
  • Team Nominations are due by the 11th of September 2017.
  • The cost remains the same as last year ($800 per team and an extra $200 if not supplying an umpire).
  • All players must be 12 years of age as at 1st January 2017.
  • All players must be registered through HNSW and be in the Nepean Hockey Association’s registration database (i.e. must be registered through a club within Nepean).
  • The 2017/2018 fee schedule is available here for players not registered through winter. If you have already paid a registration fee through winter, there is no need to pay again.
  • For those not familiar with summer comp it does have some different rules from winter

Also, in big news – stayed tuned for information on a junior summer comp for term 4!

As usual we’ll be putting a few teams in so if you’re looking for a team please let us know ASAP and we will help facilitate a team for you. If possible please include an indication of the grade you would like to play in and if there is a team you would like to join from previous years.

Oceania Cup

Buy a ticket to watch the Oceania Cup and our club can earn a 15% rebate! The event is from 11-15 October with national men’s and women’s teams from Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea competing.