Thursday 19th Feb at 8.30pm at Hockey Centre.

I know you are all very excited about the upcoming season and we have a load of news to share with you all. It is almost like we need a general sort of meeting to discuss all the exciting things (like competition start dates, teams, roles within the club) and the not so exciting things (fee increases due to increased competition and operating costs).

Well have no fear, coming soon to a hockey center near you (by soon we mean the 19th February 2015 and by hockey center we mean the hockey center near you: Kingswood) will be our annual General Meeting. This will kick off at 8:30 and we are hoping will not go too late.

As previously stated in years gone by, of you do not attend it is pretty hard to complain about how anything is done. Alternatively if you cannot make it, we are happy for you to email Mike, Sandy, Lynette, Michelle and me any ideas, positions you are interested in or anything else you think is relevant.